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Why ITSC want to give the price advantage to the Chinese partners?

- A good priced after sales service will keep the import tool attractive in point and cost! The price advantages will be not eaten by too high modification costs and fast reactions on needed jobs will guarantee our next service job for you!


How do you realize the massive cost advantages?

First by direct communication with China, second by doing CAD updates with the original toolmaker in China and we use as much as possible spare parts as long as we have enough time. This means we operate as real technical support as close as possible to your existing structure!


Can we keep the communication with our suppliers?

- YES, it is most effective! YOU give the technical details to your supplier directly. You know the tool, you know the design and your supplier can act fast. We will handle the technical part in Europe! Of course its also possible we deal the job directly with your supplier in China!


Who organize the tool deliveries?

- We can organize the tool deliveries, we handle the technical job or your supplier handle it. Of course we will find the most comfortable way.


Can our supplier do the CAD updates?

-YES, this is the most effective way to make the service fast and to keep the cost low!


Can we use spare parts from our supplier?

- YES, if we have enough time we will accept your spare parts. This is again a option to reduce cost for your!


Can we rent space to storage tools?

- YES, if we have many modifications and after sales job we will storage your tool!


What tool size you can handle?

- Right now up to 8 tons, planned are 15tons tool within this year, we have around 1500 square meter space.


Can you handle the complete Project including building the tools in China?

- Yes, we have a project team directly in China, but we have agreements with our partners and if your supplier is already our partner then we will just support your future project with him.


What is quality for you ?

Quality is defined not only in an auditing and documenting manner, its the simultaneously working process of all steps. Only in the awareness of an overarching quality assurance can meet the customer requirements. This is an essential part of our services and ensures that changes and adjustments are implemented optimally.


Quality assurance is a continuous improvement process. It is a challenge in all areas and departments.


The customer's expectations must be understood and the requirements fulfilled.


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