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ITSC - Your Mould after sales  support in Germany


International Technology Support Center Germany (ITSC) is a company founded by German specialists in the plastics industry, with its headquarters in Germany and permanent presence in the People's Republic of China. The most important part of the company strategy is the support of European customers by German specialists in Germany and Asia.


The production of injection moulds in China can be offered at remarkable price advantages and at the highest level. Price advantages of up to 50% with comparable quality and significantly faster production times are a reality. Forms and tools manufactured  in China are in use in all various industries.


BUT - Tools from Asia are unlikely seen on the side of many tool manufacturers.


The consequence :

Changes and corrections on moulds are MASSIVE overpriced. German toolmaker try to make big profits on the after sales service.

Or worse, the tools are not accepted OR classified as C priority.


If you want to be successful in highly competitive markets, you need partners you can rely on. We want to be your partner!

Our business is service for moulds from China and therefore we are interested in providing you with the best possible servicein Europe. Your successful China Sourcing is our business in Germany.


ITSC is available to you as an independent German toolmaker for modifications, corrections or in case of warranty claims.

A mobile welding device allows repair work directly at your customer's place - a fast and convenient option for larger tools.

You can make use from our experience and be concentrated on your core business.


On request, our project team in southern China will provide you with full service for all mould and tool related issues.


Try us!


Torsten Nagengast

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